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Wellbore Diagnostics

Wellbore Diagnostics Services

Historically, the industry has used traditional well logging tools in an attempt to understand what was going on down hole. The problem has always been that these tools and any resulting analysis have relied upon indirect physical measurements of the fluid compositions. This means lots of guessing, errors and reduced value to the customer.

NeoTek’s Wellbore Diagnostics Service eliminates these issues by harnessing DirectRead™ technology for use within the Wellbore. No more guessing – NeoTek’s wellbore diagnostics service quickly measures high-resolution fluid composition at desired locations within the Wellbore. The ability to accurately characterize each zone, each perforation, in vertical or horizontal wells, is now possible.



Application Benefits

  • Memory or real-time measurement
  • Identifies the production fluid composition
  • Multi-conveyance methods: e-line, slick line and coil-tubing
  • Immediately detects relevant fluid influxes
  • Accurately locates trouble and pay-zones
  • Provides missing fluid quality information
  • Dramatically increases speed of analysis
  • Eliminates guesswork