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Cognizance ™

What is Cognizance?

Cognizance, a Production Intelligence Solution powered by DirectRead chemical sensing technology, analyzes oilfield production chemistry within the reservoir delivering easy-to-use, actionable intelligence for the Oil and Gas Exploration and Production (E&P) Industry.

Cognizance™ analyzes the produced chemicals and pressure, temperature, and flow rate. Cognizance™ provides an understanding of flow patterns, inter-well communication, sweep efficiency, and provides visual examination of historical data. Real-time reporting tools, customizable dashboards, and alerts enable quicker, smarter, operational decisions. Cognizance™ connects customers to their reservoir.

Actionable Intelligence

Utilizing an intuitive customizable dashboard, Cognizance™ analyzes, organizes and reports actionable intelligence enabling timely, effective decisions. Web-based and accessible by computer, smartphone, and tablet – our customers have easy access to reservoir and individual well analytics, including alerts based on customer-defined rules, at the office or in the field.

  • Real time visibility into well production operations to determine when and where intervention is required.
  • Key Performance Indices that can be calculated and visualized, starting from individual wells to entire fields.
  • Analysis performed on correlations between various production wells from different areas in the reservoir, and from different perspectives.
  • Real-time answers to questions raised by production engineering with 24/7 availability.

Improve Field Operations

Operations personnel use the power of Cognizance™ to become proactive rather than reactive to conditions influencing field optimization.  Cognizance™ provides the ability to manage each well and all wells through high resolution information on a continuous basis. This enables field personnel to keep production optimized and to see the effect of any changes on a reservoir scale.


Impact on Field Operations

  • Near-real time notification of changes to well profiles
  • Improved planning for preventative maintenance
  • Detailed insight into the contribution of individual wells
  • Less time required for testing – more time available for optimization