Production Logging


30 years experience

At NeoTek Energy, we know that every job is unique and requires detailed planning. We work jointly with our customers in a collaborative effort so we can:

  • Define the test objective
  • Develop diagnostic procedure
  • Prepare necessary equipment
  • Conduct pre-deployment meeting with team
  • Perform site specific and job safety analysis

Once the job is complete, we provide the customer a log presentation with the analysis and interpretation.

Offshore and onshore services deployable within 24 hours globally.

In house analysis and interpretation to determine production type, production intervals, flow rates, and injection or fractured intervals.

Diagnostics are run in both production and injection wells (horizontal or vertical).

Hostile environment tools capable of generating reliable data with temperatures from 300°F to 650°F and pressures up to 20,000 PSI.

Example Logs and Tool Spec Sheet

• A 1.7 Mcf/day gas well began to produce water and the hydrostatic pressure caused the well to stop flowing
• Locate water source
• Keep well shut in until able to log
• Run base pass with well shut in
• Swab well until it flows
• Run flowing passes until water source defined
• Water source discovered at 6,080 ft. channeling backside of casing and entering borehole at bottom of perfs 5,968 ft.
• Gas from zone entering at 5,933 ft. and 5,953 ft.
Remedial action
• Cement squeeze
• Well initially produced gas and water (water that had cross flowed from below)
• Water gradually dropped off until only gas was being produced
Benefit to customer
• Gas production was restored to 1.7 Mcf/day with no water production

• Injection pressure of the well suddenly dropped with no change in injection rate
• Locate where injection fluid is leaving borehole and where it is stored
• Make passes while injecting fluid
• Shut injection off
• Make passes as temperature decays back toward gradient
• Spinner indicated injection water leaving the borehole at top of upper perforations
• Temperature indicates injected fluid moving up behind casing to zone at 1,530 ft.
Remedial action
• Cement squeeze upper perforations
• Injected fluids revert back to intended zones
Benefit to customer
• Water flood contributing to pressure zone

• Evaluate extent of frac treatment
• Run base temperature log after cementing
• Frac was pumped approximately 1 month later
• Run shut-in temperature logs at intervals of 3 hours, 4 hours, 5 hours, and 6 hours after pumping frac
• Identified the extent of frac treatment with both Gamma Ray (GR) and temperature decay
• Cross flow within the frac zone and communication above zone which could lead to channeling
once the zone depletes
Benefit to customer
• Better understanding of well performance will improve decision making on future completions in the field

• Gas well producing excess water
• Determine source of excess water production
• Run conventional three-pass flowing survey
• Shut in well for 1 hour
• Run single down/up static survey
• Determined major and minor sources of water production
• Identified major gas production
• Identified depleted zone
Benefit to customer
• Better understanding of well performance will improve decision making on future completions in the field

Standard 300°F Tool
The NeoTek Standard wellbore diagnostic tool is rated 300°F and consists of a continuous flowmeter (spinner), temperature, capacitance, quartz pressure, collar locator, and gamma ray sensors, with state-of-the-art
accuracies and resolutions. The short, rigid, single housing and slim OD of 1.375 in make the tool ideal for coiled tubing (CT) applications in highly deviated boreholes, as well as for tight-radius crooks in vertical wells.

High Temp 450°F Tool
The NeoTek High Temp wellbore diagnostic tool is rated 450°F and can be run in corrosive environments and limited-time deployments at higher temperatures. This production logging tool incorporates the reliability, accuracy, and functionality of the standard tool with the advanced high temperature technology of the geothermal tool. It contains the same sensors as the standard tool and has an OD of 1.625 in.
Geothermal 650°F Tool
The NeoTek Geothermal wellbore diagnostic tool consists of a continuous flowmeter (spinner), temperature, pressure, collar locator, and optional gamma ray sensors. Delta pressure calculations provide fluid identification. Rated 650°F, the Geothermal wellbore diagnostic tool has been successfully run at higher temperatures. The tool OD of 1.77 in facilitates its use in the surveillance of steam wells used in electricity generation.