Intelligent Solutions for Oil and Gas Exploration and Production


What is DirectRead Technology?

DirectRead Technology is a high resolution chemical sensor that directly detects and measures specific chemicals at the molecular level. DirectRead Technology is capable of sensing relative concentrations of Oil, Natural Gas, Water, and much more.

sensor finger with molecules

DirectRead Technology Enables the Future of High Resolution Oil Field Characterization


DirectRead Technology Applications

A reservoir is intricate with multitudes of chemicals in a complex geology with time-varying flow dynamics. DirectRead Technology identifies and quantifies individual chemicals on a real-time basis, in a multi-phase flow, across virtually any flow concentration in wellhead and down hole applications.

  • Wells Interconnectivity
  • Flowpath Tracing
  • Zone Fluid Quality
  • Flow Assurance
  • Corrosion Risks
  • Toxicity Warning
  • Water Sourcing
  • Scale Issues
  • Blow-out Prevention
3d oilfield with strata application