Intelligent Solutions for Oil and Gas Exploration and Production


NeoTek Energy’s leadership is experienced in commercializing revolutionary solutions to solve valuable problems. Having built numerous successful companies in advanced technology across several industries, NeoTek’s leadership has a passion for focusing on our customer’s success. Not unlike our prior companies, we partnered early with prominent oil companies to ensure NeoTek’s solutions provide the industry a significant value proposition. To serve our customers, we have assembled a team with a common vision – to provide our customers the actionable intelligence necessary to economically extract significantly more oil than ever possible today.

Charlie Stuewe

President and CEO

Mr. Stuewe co-founded NeoTek Energy and has been the CEO and President since inception. As CEO, Mr. Stuewe leads the NeoTek team in delivering a vision of providing revolutionary production intelligence for our oil company partners. More Oil and Less Cost for our customers is what drives NeoTek. Prior to NeoTek, Mr. Stuewe co-founded and built a remote monitoring business (Wireless Monitoring Solutions – WMS) serving as General Manager for 10 years and growing the business from 4 people to a 50+ person profitable entity. Mr. Stuewe led the team in capturing over $120M in Government and Commercial contracts and launched two successful product lines which have been deployed globally and remain in production today. This business served both Government and Industrial markets with remote monitoring systems comprised of multi-sensor networks. Prior to founding WMS, Mr. Stuewe held various management positions with responsibility for advanced technology and product solutions at Motorola, Raytheon and Texas Instruments. Mr. Stuewe holds a BSIE from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and a MBA, Finance from the University of Dallas, Irving.

Dr. Al Joseph

Chairman, Board of Directors

Dr. Joseph, a co-founder of NeoTek, has for 20 years specialized in consulting for major corporations; Raytheon, General Dynamics, Dow Chemical, Booz-Allen and Amoco, and to a greater extent on start-up companies; Flextronics, N-Chip, Symyx, Intermolecular, Peregrine, Tessera, Aclara and others. Prior to his consulting career, Dr. Joseph founded 3 successful companies. His first company was Enhanced Energy Systems, a pioneer in downhole steam generators for heavy oil reservoirs. He sold this company to Brunswick in 1982. In 1984, he founded Vitesse Semiconductor, specializing in high speed chip sets for the communications market. Vitesse went IPO in 1995 and had a market value of $18B by 2001. Dr. Joseph cofounded Quad Design in 1987 developing CAD tools for high performance electronics. Quad was sold to Synopsis. Dr. Joseph began his career in basic physics research at Rockwell’s Science Center, where for 5 years he focused on Low Temperature Physics as a tool to study superconductivity and the physics of metal. During the 5 years, Dr. Joseph published 32 papers, was the first to discover and correctly interpret the 3rd superconducting Hc3. Dr. Joseph discovered and properly interpreted the magnetic-breakdown phenomenon in Rhenium; discovered de haas-van Alpen effect in magnetic nickel, and mapped the Fermi surfaces of zinc, Cu, Ag, Au, Ni, Zr and Re. For these discoveries, he was elected a fellow of the American Institute of Physics just 3.5 years after his PhD. Dr. Joseph holds a BS in Physics from Union College and a PhD in Physics from Case Western Reserve.

Dr. Miroslav Petro

Vice President, Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Miroslav Petro, a co-founder of NeoTek, is a seasoned scientist and technical executive, with broad experience and deep knowledge in material science, engineering and chemistry, focusing on molecular interactions and separations. Before joining NeoTek’s team, he founded, and led Senzex Corporation, a contract research and technology development company. In his role as President of Senzex, he brought into the company multiple collaboration programs that enabled rapid growth and profitability. Also, he served as a Principal Investigator on a multi-million energy program on high-temperature geothermal interactions between rocks and fluids containing CO2, co-funded by DOE and Palo Alto Research Center. He is on the Industrial Board of Peer Reviewers for the DOE’s Molecular Foundry at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Prior to Senzex, Dr Petro was a research scientist at Symyx Technologies, where he spent over a decade in several scientific and R&D management positions. Here, he contributed to over $300 million in collaboration revenue and leading efforts in material discovery and technology development programs, including a multi-year effort in functional materials, membrane optimization and sensor development. As a scientist, he developed a variety of high—throughput techniques for material property screening and characterization, co-forming a core of the IP strategy for Symyx as a startup company. Dr. Petro holds a Ph.D. in Macromolecular Chemistry from Slovak Academy of Sciences, as well as a MS and a BS in Analytical Chemistry from the Comenius University in Slovakia. He continued in post-doctoral studies at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, and the University of California at Berkeley. During his career, he has made significant contributions to over 40 scientific papers in renowned journals and about 30 granted patents.