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Intelligent Solutions for Oil and Gas Exploration and Production


More Oil, Less Cost

Cognizance provides the missing link to fully understand oilfield chemistry on a continuous basis within the reservoir – leading to more oil, less cost. Powered by DirectRead™ Technology, a revolutionary sensor capable of directly measuring chemicals at the molecular level – Cognizance provides the clarity to make timely effective decisions.

Wellhead Continuous Monitoring

Provides continuous, real-time measurement of a well’s production fluid composition.

  • Three phase flow measurement
  • Hydrocarbon characterization
  • Salinity 
  • Temperature/Pressure/Flow rate

Wellbore Diagnostics

Provides characterization of a wellbore on a zone-by-zone basis – what’s coming from where.


  • Identify the production fluid composition
  • Identify production anomalies
  • Applicable to vertical and horizontal wells

Actionable Intelligence

Utilizing an intuitive customizable dashboard, Cognizance™ analyzes, organizes and reports actionable intelligence enabling timely effective decisions. Web-based – the customer has easy access to reservoir and individual well analytics, including alerts based on customer-defined rules, at the office or in the field.

Improve Field Operations

Operations personnel use the power of Cognizance™ to become proactive rather than reactive to conditions influencing field optimization.  Cognizance™ provides the ability to manage each well and all wells through high resolution information on a continuous basis. This enables field personnel to keep production optimized and to see the effect of any changes on a reservoir scale.